About the church



The Sanctuary

Most of what you see has been given in memory of a loved one long departed.

The altar frontal colour changes with the churches seasons and on special occasions such as Saint’s days.





The font, rood and bells.

The font is made of Caen Stone from France,  The pedestal was part of an earlier Reading Stand to match the pulpit, now removed.  The Rood from St John's Church, is made of bronze and copper, and there is ring of eight bells.





The East window and altar.

The window, dated 1858, has eight lights depicting scenes from the life of Christ. The figures on the reredos were a later gift.




The Organ.

At one time the finest Harrison organ in the vicinity but now silent. The Church is fortunate to have a Music Season when it offers a wide variety of concerts.[see calendar for next concert]







There are two chapels one of which is the Memorial Lady Chapel in the South Nave. Memorials from the closed churches of St John and St Michael are also to be found here.






The Bruges Madonna.

An exceptional piece of plasterwork from the nineteenth century and an exact copy of the Bruges Madonna in Notre Dame Cathedral, Belgium. Made in Florence, from the company of Giuseppe Lelli. [Catalogo dei Monumenti, Statue, Bassirilievi, Firenze, 1899-1905, cat no. 756]






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