Vestment Display 

First of all many, many thanks to the “Team”, you know who you are!

The idea for the Vestment display began when they let me do cleaning in the vicar’s vestry, which is normally locked up.  Whilst cleaning, I noticed some vestments on hangers in the vestry on the wall.  When I returned upstairs, I mentioned them to Priscilla who informed me that there were many more in two cupboards in the vestry.  I think she then took me downstairs to show me them.  I was overwhelmed by the amount that was there, the colours, the embroidery, and the different materials, all beautiful in their own way.

The next PCC meeting must have been fairly soon afterwards and I could not resist telling the members about the beauty and the amount of vestments, some of which have been given to us over the years when churches have sadly closed.  A member of the PCC then suggested doing a display at the Heritage Weekend.  The challenge had been given, so because I was so thrilled with the vestments and felt that they should be seen by the St Nicholas congregation, and anyone else who wished to see them I decided to go ahead.

Jean Starkie asked during Church Notices, if anyone had dressmaker’s dummies so that we could display the vestments more authentically. Rev Alan’s wife Gillian Sowerbutts informed me that she knew where we could possibly borrow some mannequins from Rev Alan’s previous parish in Read.  Luckily we obtained permission so one Wednesday we set off, Rev Alan, Gillian, Jean S., Mitchell and myself to collect the mannequins from Read.

The group worked hard in the week preceding the display bringing items up and downstairs ready to set up the display to make the display as beautiful as possible.

I advertised the display with as many medias as I was able, radio, internet, newspapers, and posters.  During the weekend,  the church registers were available for people to see, the bell ringers did tours to the bell chamber, Jane Giles did a flower display to promote the flower club and Margaret Edwards and Roger Nicholls very kindly came and played the church organ at various times during the weekend. A member of the congregation Mrs Caroline Watts provided us with beautiful sandwiches over the weekend. Several of our members came to act as stewards for the visitors.

The “team” spent Monday morning putting the Church Back to normal; the one decision made was to display a vestment in church to denote the church season. This will at least carry on making the vestments part of church life. My many thanks to everyone who made the Heritage weekend possible.